Duplicating glyph bug?



Duplicate /c, rename c.001 to ccedilla. Open the cell, find myself looking at the Ccedilla instead. This happens with /ae and /oe too, perhaps others. The only way to make it work correctly is by using Add Glyphs or a List Filter.

Glyphs is getting something crossed. This isn’t new, but I don’t know if it has been reported. Happening for well over a year now so others may have seen it too. Not a major bug though, merely an annoyance when I forget it happens.

Were you already aware of it?


Cannot reproduce. Works as expected for me. Which app version are you using?


2.6.1 [1224] High Sierra. But as I said, it happened in previous versions also.


I wonder if the system’s autocorrect is interfering when you type the glyph name…?


maybe the Ccedilla still has a double unicode from when the lowercase was missing. Update glyph info for the Ccedilla. It should remove the unicode automatically but it might fail in this instance.


I looked at several things and don’t find any example of double encoding. I seem to recall this happened to me with other glyphs as well on a previous font but don’t remember any details now.

The next time this happens to me I will send you the file to examine before I fix it. I may set up a test file and try to force it. If successful I will send that file.


If you can reproduce it reliably, that would be great.


I can reproduce it.


Whats the status of this bug? I have the same problem.
In a font I have names like: uniE0EB.Warranty5. Duplicated glyphs are then: uniE0EB.Warranty5.001. But opening that glyph will give me uniE0EB.Warranty5.


The original problem is fixed.

And I can’t reproduce your problem. What version of Glyphs do you have?