Dynamic links in Glyphs?

Hello, is there any possibility of creating something like a dynamic link functionality? As in, clicking on a link would, for example, open a new tab with a certain glyph. Or is there some other way this can be scripted? This would be immensely useful for fontbakery checks: Clicking on a link generated by a check taking you directly to the glyph in question in Glyphs.



That should be doable.

How would you like to handle cases in which multiple fonts are open at the same time? Should the URL have a file path to the Glyphs file and a glyphs parameter or do you prefer no file path, always using the frontmost window?

Granular control would, I think, be the best ā€“ in case no parameter is given, the frontmost font can be used, of course.

Parameters I think are important:

  • glyph
  • layer/master/filename ā€“ currently, I am using the filename parameter of the fontbakery check to automatically find the associated master (via filename CPs set in the instances)
  • node/segment coordinate(s) ā€“ for setting the selection state of the node(s)/segment(s) in question
  • font
  • description text, or something like a user data dictionary, for things like check description/category/result, etc.

We are planing to integrate fontBakery into Glyphs. So putting too much effort into making stuff to make it work from the outside might not be worth it. I see a use case for showing a specific glyph, but the node and description (what should happen with it) might be too much.

If you have a script running outside of Glyphs, you have more control with this: GlyphsSDK/Glyphs remote scripts at Glyphs3 Ā· schriftgestalt/GlyphsSDK Ā· GitHub

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Great news! I had no idea. Oh well, Iā€™m enjoying the practice. Thanks for the heads up.