Edit extrapolated glyphs

Hi! What are ‘best way/practice’ for edit an extrapolated glyph. I’ve only thought on exporting the OTF files and edit those, but seems useless. Is there any smart way on doing it?


In File> Font Info > Instances, select the extrapolating instance, click on the gear menu in the lower left corner, and in the menu that pops up, choose to add it as a master. Then you have an additional master. Perhaps your design allows to get rid of the middle master then.

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Awesome! thanks! In my latest cutting edge version there isn’t a gear icon, it´s the + icon.

You’re right. Plus, not gear. :slight_smile:

Hi there.
I also want to edit some exported instances in order to tweak little issues.
In my case, the fonts are not extrapolated ones, but instances created using custom parameters.
When I click on the “+” at the lower left corner of my instances window, I choose “Instance Master” (It’s what shows in the french app)
But then a new empty master is created, and all my characters appear with the red triangle (for all my masters)
What did I do wrong ?

Which app version?

Glyphs 3.1 (3133)

Can you try the latest cutting edge version?

Thanks @GeorgSeifert, but even with the latest version of Gkyhs (3.1.1) the problem is the same…
How can I do then to edit the exported instances ?

Can you send me that file?

Hey @GeorgSeifert
I’ve just sent it to the office ! :wink:

I understand. Adding instances like this is not supported. The filters are only appleid on export. You can run this script to get fully generated instances:

def makeFullInstance(instance):
	newFont = instance.interpolatedFont
	for glyph in newFont.glyphs:
		layer = glyph.layers[0]
	for glyph in newFont.glyphs:
		layer = glyph.layers[0]
		layer._applyFilter_withKey_error_(list(instance.customParameters), "Filter", None)
	return newFont
for instance in Font.instances:
	newFont = makeFullInstance(instance)
	doc = GSDocument()
	doc.font = newFont

Thanks @GeorgSeifert !
I just don’t know how to run a script… :woozy_face:

I’ve found how to run a script using Opt-Cmd-M !

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