Edit kerning values


I am working on the bold version of a hand drawn font.
So kerning is necessary but does not have to be so perfect :wink:

What I would like to do for the bold:
apply the values of the regular (this I know how to do) and slightly reduce ALL values AT ONCE.

SO: Is there a way to edit all kerning values at once?


You mean kerning or sidebearings?

You can import metrics via File > Import > Metrics and point it to the other file. Or, if it’s really only kerning, copy/paste kerning via Window > Kerning. Or, if it is only sidebearings, you can use the Steal Sidebearings script from my github at github.com/mekkablue/Glyphs-Scripts/

Reducing sidebearings for selected glyphs can be done via Filters > Transformations > Metrics and a negative value in combination with the Relative option.

Hi, it’s only about the kerning:

Is there a way to edit all kerning values at once?

Via scripting only. What exactly do you want to do? Subtract x from all kerning values or divide all by y?

Hi Rainer, sorry for my late reply :wink:
what would you think works better?
Subtracting or dividing?

I guess subtracting …


Georg: I’ll call you to discuss details.

Anyone else interested in this: expect a new addition to my scripts on GitHub soon.