Edit/Preview mark feature

Say we want to use a mark feature for glyphs like G WITH TILDE (G + U+0303). This works (in the exported OTF), but

is there any chance we could get Glyphs to show a preview for this GPOS rule, like it does for kerning? In fact, another button next to the To kerning button?

When an anchor is selected, you see the mark cloud (if Display Mark Cloud is selected in the Appearance settings). There is also the Show Mark Preview plugin.

And with WindowText Preview you can preview a live version of your font, including mark attachment.

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i was about to reply saying that Text Preview has always been useless for me and only ever displayed some system font. But while fiddling and selecting text, it suddenly started working usefully and displaying my font-in-progress. Thanks!

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The mark cloud is only partially useful. In the case of G it doesn’t display the tilde mark anyway (does it only display marks that are used in precomposed glyphs?)

It seems that the mark’s xmin position cannot be negative, meaning that there are possible display bugs when putting a mark on a narrow glyph or a glyph with an anchor near the left.

In TextPreview. Obviously the exported font works as i would expect.

I added the tilde to the accent could of the g.

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That is an interesting behavior of macOS. I just tried this and it works the same in TextEdit. So not a TextPreview bug. Add a space before the g to “fix” it.

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