Edit view and "spacing view" the same in different tabs

I am working in several tabs at once, one to edit and one to space (with a large text for example).

When I toggle the outline in the tab I am using to edit, the outline in the other tab is toggled as well.

Is this a preference, or a bug ?

What do you mean by “toggle outline”?

Double klick to be able to work with it.
“Activated” is maybe a better word.

When I go back and forth, the outline is “Activated” in both/all tabs.

Seems like the question here is, could tabs remember the mode last used.

@eliason: Exactly. Different modes for different tabs.

Ok. I will have a look.

Btw: It is the selected tool and not the a mode.

On that topic, I find it confusing distinguishing between tools and modes, and in fact I’m often befuddled by their intersection. (For example I often find myself pressing random buttons to try to find the mode with the measuring line.) Might be worth thinking about more for Glyphs 2.