Edit view shifting

I don’t know if it’s a bug, or a very sophisticated feature I don’t appreciate yet: when I cycle through glyphs with fn+arrows, on some of them the view shifts significantly, so the glyph I want to see flies to the bottom of the screen. When I pan to correct the view, and cycle to the next glyphs, the view seems to want to shift back into the original position, but since I’ve panned, it results in similar mess. What am I missing here?

Also, while cycling (backwards), when I get to /space next glyph is completely random, one time it’s /Amacron, one time /d, then /brevecomb. It could be a drinking game, to try and guess what glyph would come up next :smiley: I would expect it to go through to .notdef and hard stop like it does with the last glyph.

Can you send a screencast of the shifting?

Hm, just opened the file again, and sure enough it doesn’t shift anymore. I will try to remember to make a screencast if I encounter it again.

Could it be you had multiple glyphs in Edit view, and you were cycling only one? In that case, it is possible that a different width of the cycled glyph may have caused the number of lines to change.

No, I don’t think that was it. I was cycling one glyph in a line, but the widths were pretty regular, nothing that would force a newline. Also, it happened with glyphs that had same sidebearings: /parenleft caused a shift, /parenright did not. The glyph I cycled was centered in my view, the shift caused it to go all the way to the bottom and a bit to the right. Sorry I didn‘t think of recording it :confused:
Could it be that it‘s related to the zooming bug where the zoom doesn‘t follow the pointer?

If it reoccurs: if you can reliably reproduce it (and describe steps), then we can fix it.