Edit View width suggestion

Hi! It would be awesome to have an option to set the width of the Edit View in the amount of glyphs instead of units. That would help to keep certain word lists independent from the width of the font, easier to jump from master to master.

I use kerning lists with no spaces, and so the line often breaks in unwanted places (inside of the pairs instead of between them). Having the window width dependent on the amount of chars would make it possible to include line breaks.

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Here’s a plugin that sets text view width relative to width of the given character in current master (for instance 20 times glyph H). Basically this means line breaks appear about the same for any master, which I find more convenient.

It has a little but annoying bug though: when you change master, it applies the new width a frame later, meaning for a second you see an extra frame of new master but previous width. Is there a way to solve that?

What about setting a big edit view width and add line breaks to the strings. That would have exactly the desired effect.

Do you mean like after each N-th character? That was my initial thought, but in that case the line length would depend on what characters are there, which would be too uneven depending on the characters involved:
So I ended up with counting it in one character’s width, which also does the job of keeping it relative to the master :slight_smile:

But I’m not sure that would solve the extra frame bug, would it?