EditGlyphData app suggestions

A couple of feature suggestions for the new app:

  1. Add a filter list similar to what we have in Glyphs for isolating categories or scripts.
  2. When copying an entire entry from the master GlyphData.xml file (I use TextMate for that) I can see that it would be useful if I could paste the copied entry into a data field and have it auto-fill all the appropriate fields. Perhaps a “Copy” field which would then auto-fill all the data. Alternatively, allow copying directly from another GlyphData.xml file.

Yes, it would be nice to easily import a glyph data from the default database.

You can merge the core glyph data. Just click on Merge and point it to the XML file inside Glyphs.

I suspect Merge would bring in the entire file. I don’t need the whole thing, but very often I do want to copy a single line to modify it for a specific font.

You can merge individual entries.

Hmm, the Glyphs app is not selectable. Am I supposed to extract the GlyphsData.xml first?

Indeed one can merge individual entries, but a minimum of a Unicode value must be known and added before any Merge can happen.

I wonder how this will work with unencoded characters because then one would need to know a name. In such a case it would be faster to do the job with [the text editor of your choice].

In the Open dialog, you can press Cmd-Shift-G, and paste /Applications/Glyphs.app/Contents/Frameworks/GlyphsCore.framework/Versions/A/Resources/.

But it is probably best to either take the XML from the GlyphsSDK repo, or make a copy on the Desktop.