Editing an Old File

I created a font back in April, exported it, made it available for sale. But now I need to add five additional characters to the existing font.

If I open the original .glyphs file, I get a warning that it was created in an older version of Glyphs. If I open it anyway, my file has changes to it and there are multiple characters that have incorrect spacing or alignment.

Because I cannot see the original file in the original version of Glyphs, I cannot compare metrics to easily see what changes I need to make to restore these changed characters to their original, intended state. So, unless I’m mistaken, it’s a guessing game for me to figure out how to fix the sidebearings, kerning, etc.

I guess I’d like for someone to tell me I’m mistaken and that it’s easy for me to figure out exactly what specific changes were made to my file and how to change the affected characters back, or else to tell me how to open the original file in its own previous version of the Glyphs app.

I’d appreciate any help.

What version do you have currently?

You should get a big dialog with a list of red and yellow lines. Check all the checkboxes and click “Keep Selected”. That should preserve the original spacing.