Editing kerning group names in kerning dictionary?

How do I change the kerning group name, if kerning has been done and I want to change the kerning group name is that possible?

You can rename it in the kerning panel.

I’m trying it and I get the pop up asking to rename or change, I click rename and nothing happens. Will this change it in all the glyphs that refer to it too?

The naming of the two buttons is stupid, I know. If anyone has a suggestion?

I don’t have a problem with the names of the buttons, like I said it’s not working please see this video, I’ve also narrated it.

The ‘Selected Glyphs’ selection isn’t working (edit: I guess it only works in the Font tab?)
and Renaming isn’t working…


Works for me. it is sometimes not updated directly. Select a different glyph to reload.

And the selected glyphs refers to the font view.

How about “Cancel; Rename All; Only This”. (Note the prompt should not assume “ Rename Kerning Group”, because the renamed can also be a glyph name.)

Or, actually, directly commit the renaming to the current pair (not sure if this can cause unexpected clashing), and only prompt for “Also rename other occurrences of this key?”