Embedded bitmaps for smaller font sizes

Is there a way to embed bitmaps for the smaller font sizes?

Where do you like to use those fonts?

I don’t know if any fonts that are done in the last ten years that have bitmaps.


Thanks so much for responding. I really am enjoying Glyphs.

I have one basic use case: a “map” of text, which allows for fast scanning but at a low-end font size (sub 8-point). An example of this might be the minimap seen in this Visual Studio picture: https://code.visualstudio.com/assets/updates/1_10/minimap.png

  • I have a need for a square (equal height and width) font.
  • I am also producing custom icons within the private unicode areas that I’d like to be pixel perfect.
  • The type hinting does really well, but the diacritics (and super/subscript letters) are muddled and less distinguishable.
  • Any icon that bumps up against an edge of the font (e.g. max/min x/y) appears to have issues along the edges, especially sub 16-point - maybe there’s another way to handle this problem?
  • Some of the vertical/horizontal lines are doubled at the small sizes and they overwhelm those specific glyphs where it happens

Also, I like the True Type instructor. If the above became an enhancement to Glyphs and I had my wish, I’d want to be able to modify the pixels within Glyphs by simply clicking on each pixel. That said, I do find that the True Type Instructor appears to crash frequently.


I do not understand what this has to do with font bitmaps…?

If I can embed bitmaps into the font for the low level point sizes, then I can control the crispness of the glyphs (and my icons) explicitly rather than relying upon type hinting, which is inadequate.

Are you sure the environment you are using the font actually would use the bitmaps?

And it would be interesting to check if I can improve on the muddy accents and the other issues. Can you send me the file and some screenshots from the result you see?