Embedding a custom GlyphData.xml via a custom parameter


I’m wondering if it would be possible to use/incorporate a custom GlyphData.xml file via a custom parameter for specific projects?

I understand that this might not be a use-case for the default user, but I work on projects which at times have different glyph/anchor-name requirements (where Glyphs is not used to generate final binaries) and it’s not a great experience to switch between different XML files every time I switch between projects.

Thanks in advance!

You can place a specialized copy of your GlyphData.xml file in the same folder where the .glyphs file is located. That .glyphs file will use that GlyphData over the one in the Application Support folder.

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Many thanks Florian (@FlorianPircher), I thought of this as an alternate solution to Custom Parameter idea, but i’m glad that this is already supported! :smiley:

Thanks again, for your help!