Emoji list filter?

Has anyone put together a list filter for emoji?

Also, Georg, have you thought about adding emoji as a filter under Miscellaneous?

Thanks –

I didn’t thought about it but it is a good idea.


On a related note, there are two bugs in adding emoji glyphs.
— If you “Add Glyphs” and type the emoji character, that becomes the character name, not the unicode glyph you want. You can have a glyph whose name is :poop:
— If you add a newGlyph with the + button and rename it by typing the emoji character, Glyphs refuses the entry saying it’s an invalid entry. In other scripts, typing the character itself should convert without error message.
— If you enter it by its glyph name in “Add Glyphs” dialogue (e.g. u1F300 or uni1F301), then you can get the glyph.

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A list filter for emojis would be really helpful! The best would be to list them in their official categories ( Smileys& Emotion / People & Body / Animals & Nature / Food & Drink / Symbols / Travel & laces / Object / Activities / Flags / Thematic emojis / Holidays ) I also noticed the bugs @Tosche mentioned. It would be great to somehow be able to add emojis with their correct names, unicode and emoji picture, to keep the fontfile structured. Adding emojis through Glyphs info is very inefficient and not all emojis are listed.