Empty Base Glyph

(Did a search and came up with nothing on the subject, forgive me if I missed it.)

I am encountering a number of “empty Base Glyph” with the dashed line around it, and was wondering if anyone else has this problem/if there is a way to fix this.

An ‘empty base glyph’ is a component that refers to a glyph without outlines.

E.g. you already have an A and you create acute and Aacute. Since you have not drawn the acute yet, you will see the A and the ‘Empty base glyph’ warning when you look at Aacute. You can fix this by selecting the ‘empty base glyph’ and click on the arrow in the grey info panel (cmd-shift-i). This will take you to the acute.

That makes sense, thank you.

Sorry for bringing alive old topic, but I can’t get rid of “Empty base glyph” box. On double click, nothing happens, while clicking on arrow in grey info panel, it opens UnicodeChecker I installed previously.

Where does the empty glyph box point to. It you select it it should tell you the name of the glyph in the fray info box. Then you open that glyph and add some outlines.

What I did is next:

  1. I created/designed all glyphs that don’t have any accent and created glyph for each accent (dieresis, ring, caron…).

  2. from the “Categories” menu on the left, I added all glyphs from Western, Central Europe and South Eastern Europe and realized that position of accents in Lowercase and Uppercase is not good so I wanted to change it manually at first.

  3. then read about Anchors from the manual and removed all previously added glyphs (Western Europe, Central Europe, South Eastern Europe) and followed the steps from the video on home page when “empty base glyphs” appeared for each new glyph with accent in it.

http://postimg.org/image/i9i9 yt8vf/

On double click on dotted box, nothing happens, I’m still in the current glyph box.
And I can’t select dotted box, it acts as it’s locked, no reaction.

You have to be a little more precise when double clicking (or clicking once to select for activating the arrow). You are probably clicking into the empty area. Try to click on the black part of the empty base glyph component.

is this a /agrave in your screenshot? Then you should simply run Layer > Make Component Glyph. Or simply delete the empty component. Again, what glyph does it refer to?

@makkablue: Thanks! I’m becoming old and dummy. That’s it.