Empty glyph box

Hallo, maybe I used the wrong keywords but I didn’t find a similar problem. (btw, the pink window here suggesting me similar topics is a really nice feature, thank you)

I draw a basic alphabet, now I’m adding other glyphs, selecting them from the gliphs panel.
They appear in the grid, but when i click on one of them to actually insert a shape I don’t see a regular white box with a grey letter inside and the name of the glyph at the top: I see a blank box with “glyphs” at the top. This happens also in the case of a letter built automatically by pairing two other glyphs: for example If I click on the already black Oslash in order to reposition the slash on the O.
Am I doing something wrong?

I downloaded the trial version of glyphs mini some days ago (and I love it), maybe it is a ‘Mini’ restriction?

Thank you very much in advance

Can you upload a screenshot?

Thank you for the reply
I was going to make a screenshot but I realize the problem has gone since I changed the name of the font (which I did in order to solve an exporting issue). Apparently it was stuck, now it works ok.
Sorry to have bothered you. thanks again.

One small remark: What you do open is not a glyph box. It is called an edit view. The most important difference is that the edit view can contain text. You can type with the text tool, add single glyphs with the ‘Select Glyph’ dialog or add strings with the ‘Select Sample Text’ dialog (cmd+opt+F). That way you don’t need to go back to the font view to edit a different glyph – just add it to the existing tab.

Ok, thank you, I’ll keep it in mind.