Empty Glyphs in UFO are not present when opening with glyphs app

When a UFO has empty glyph slots, these glyphs aren’t present when the UFO is opened by glyphs app

What do you mean with ‘empty glyph slots’?

a glyph that’s empty, will send u file for a look

I suspect that is a misunderstanding. Most font editors display glyph slots for glyphs that have not been added to the font yet. Glyphs does not do that, because it wrongly suggests that the glyph is in the font already.

The public.glyphOrder entry in lib.plist contains more entries as there are in the font. To display them in the UI is an option an app can chose to do.
from the UFO spec:

The order may contain glyphs that are not in the font.
What glyphs are present in the font is solely defined by the .glyf files (and the contents.plist) in the glyphs folder.

I see – it’s just that i get files from designers working with UFO files that ask me to fill out missing glyphs but now I can’t see them when I open it in Glyphs App, do you have a suggestion for how I can get these glyphs?

They are supposed to tell you which glyph set they want, or which language coverage. What is displayed in their software depends on the settings they happen to have.

You can copy the content from the “glyphOrder” parameter to a list filter and add the glyphs from its context popup.

@mekkablue yes they tell me, the empty slots in a .UFO.
Thanks @GeorgSeifert that’s actually helpful/

You also could tell your designers to actually add the empty glyphs and give them a color.