Endash / emdash (Version 2.3.1 (899)

I have this problem with endash / emdash glyphs.
These glyphs appear and work right in glyphsapp.
The generated fonts cut these glyphs visually, but they are there. Illustrator sample
Don’t occur the same with my another created fonts.

This is probably a font cache problem. Read this please:

Was not a cache problem.
I deleted the glyphs with problems and made again.
The mistake was solved
Could be possible an problem with glyph info?

Hard to tell. Name/Unicode pairing got out of sync, it seems. Did you rename one of them at some point and had the Custom Naming option on in Font Info > Other Settings?

I was thinking on copy-paste issue.
I detected that on this operation, some glyphs changed your original position on glyph palette. I had problems with other glyphs too.
I tried to reorder from update glyph info and I suspect that this option don’t run as the past.