Ending component for the open path with stroke width


Is there a way to add the “ending/stroke?” component to the open path with a stroke width? I need to add the specific shape to some stroke ends (like this one colored with red on the image below), and I don’t want to expand the stroke at this stage.


The _cap. component is pretty close to what I need, but it is not applied to the stroked path.

I also tried the _corner. component, but there are no corners to apply it (they are virtual and not selectable).

The Brush approach is also close to what I want, but I need to change just the endings and not the path itself.

You can add a regular cap component to the end of the stroke. You need to activate “Show Nodes > Extra Nodes”. Then select the two at the end corners of the stroke and right click > Add Cap Components. There is a but when you add at the beginning (the end with the blue triangle). If the result looks strange, select the black corner nodes in the opposite order. I fixed this.

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Oh, an extra nodes!
It works, thank you Georg.

You and also add corners to the nodes in the middle.