Enforce Compatibility Check custom parameter is ignored for Color layers

I have a font with incompatible masters, and I have Enforce Compatibility Check custom parameter set to false (unchecked) and it works great as long as Color layers are not used, but all glyphs with Color layers are flagged incompatible.

Can you send me a sample?

Sure: aref-ruqaa/ArefRuqaa.glyphs at bdd098badeb9a2e4b77ce02ca6b41846a8c84334 · aliftype/aref-ruqaa · GitHub

Fixed it.

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Confirmation it is fixed in the latest update.

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I still see the incompatibility marker with some glyphs, but not the others, but there shouldn’t be any: aref-ruqaa/ArefRuqaa.glyphs at ef2c2ae55e9a09c732f17874a43bf5e1c636b054 · aliftype/aref-ruqaa · GitHub