#entry.2 not working

Hello. Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but I am trying to do the following:

In my _P.bowl, I have two #entry anchors:

In my I, I have only one #exit anchor:

Now, I would assume that if I select “#exit.2” as the connecting anchor, then my _P.bowl would connect its #entry.2 anchor to the #exit anchor in my I component, but it doesn’t:

The only thing that works is adding an #exit.2 anchor to my I. Then, in turn, I don’t need an #entry.2 anchor in my _P.bowl.

Any clarification would be appreciated, thank you!

I had this not working because I had one of the components flipped.

This is not the issue in my case, luckily.

The thing is, it’s working (the other anchor is selectable), but the component doesn’t move accordingly.