EOT not working

My EOT files are not working. The WOFFs work fine though. When I convert the WOFFs with any other tool to EOT, then this files work too. I’m using build 799. Does anyone else have similar problems with webfonts?

I think I had problems with the eot, too. But didn’t had time to look into it, yet.

I tested now also in build 768, and then the EOTs work.

do you have set the “Webfonts Only” parameter? IE seems to be more picky with eot then with woff. Without the parameter it works for me.

You’re right, works without the “Webfonts Only” setting. Strangely, in build 768 it works even with this setting.


I think Webfonts only was not implemented in 768 yet, or was it?

The custom parameter was there, but maybe it didn’t work.