Error exporting different formats of the same name at the same time

In my workflow I create different set of instances, one set is [x] save as ttf, the other one nothing, and I export as if I was only exporting OTF. So I have ttf and otf in one click.

Anyway, when I export different formats, of the same name, the app doesn’t seem to take the file format into account as a difference between two file of the same name, and raise a feature error.

Workaround so far is to name TTFs differently or save them in a different folder (with an added export folder parameter). But I have several cases when this workaround is actually quite annoying.

It works for me. Can you send me a file that shows the problem.

If you exporting webfonts, you will need to kept use those tricks you are using right now as they have the same file extension.

This is also not working for variable fonts (exporting desktop + web)

It took me a while realising the cause of the problem, as suddenly plenty errors appeared on export mentioning issues in the feature code. But it works just fine switching back to different file names on export.


Variable Export Setup, Desktop:

Variable Export Setup, Web:

Hope it’s easy to fix for the next version. Thanks!

Can you send me that file?


The file name is used for some other things other than the final file name. And that causes collisions. I’ll see what I can do.