Error exporting font


I have problems exporting my font. It worked fine just a couple a days ago. Now I get this error message that says “Idot” and “Ldot” not in font. I try to find the glyphs “Idot” and “Ldot” that they asking for but I can not find it. My old saving is now also one so I can not use it at all :frowning:

Do anyone know what to do?

Update and recompile your features, then try again.

I have now tried to reinstall my Glyphs App and my friend tried to export the file from his computer/Glyph app and had no problem… Maybe it has something to do with that I can not find the glyphs Ldot and Idot?

Your OpenType feature code (File > Font Info (Cmd-I) is referencing Ldot and ldot and they seem to be missing in your font. If you update your feature code, as suggested, this should fix the problem.

Perhaps also try emptying your Temp folder. It is located next to your Scripts folder which you can reach via Script > Open Scripts Folder.