Error exporting TTF


I was trying to export a TTF file and I get the following message.

“Problem with ttfautohint.
An error with code 0x06 occurred while autohinting fonts.”

And the export fails.

that is an error with the ttfautohint library. I don’t know the error its error codes. Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Hi Georg

Yes. Where do I send it?

Hello! TTF and OTF export has stopped. A message appears - “Error with glyph: Delta. The glyph name is not valid or might be too long”. The same also “Omega”. Separate OTF export is proceeding successfully. What could be the reason? (I make export of 2 Masters with 6 instances.) I can’t find where to make the corrections.

maybe there is a space in the glyph name? I would need to have a look at the file.

Disable the Add missing symbol glyphs parameter, it is not compatible with TTF.

Hi Georg

I sent you the files a couple of days ago in a personal message. Did you get them?

It works.
(Exporting to “TTF”, in the Greek characters list Delta shown as “uni0394” and Omega as “uni03A9” glyph. Previously, exporting to OTF these characters are duplicated. In the Greek list of glyphs as the “UNI codes”, plus formed in the “Other” list with the names of “Delta” and “Omega”).

where can I found the paramter?


We disabled it because it caused too many problems. You could probably recreate the functionality with the makeotf parameter but I cannot help you with that.