Error: Glyphs crash when switching to background

Simply as in title, when I try to switch to background in edit mode Glyphs crashes.

What version do you have?
Have you send a crash report?
Can you send me the file?

2.6.2. (1268) Of course, and of course. Thanks.

I’m having the same issue also on Version 2.6.2 (1268) and have sent the automatically created crash report; is there anything else that would help you figure out what’s causing this error? Might this have to do something with updating to MacOS Catalina?

The last update fixed it, thanks a lot!

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Now I developed the same bad habit, crashing on Edit Background. Sent the report in, Glyphs Version 2.6.2 (1268), Catalina, MacBook Pro mid-12 8GIG memory.

That is fixed in the cutting edge version.

One report from a user suggests that also updating macOS Catalina to its latest dot version is of help in this regard. Cannot verify because I haven’t updated yet myself, though.