Error in UFO when exporting .narrow combining accents

I added .narrow combining accents to some of my glyphs. But when I export an instance as UFO, the vertical position goes haywire…

The generated instance is good:

But the UFO isn’t (screenshot mac desktop preview):

But when I open the UFO in Glyphs again, all is well. My client works with Robofont and reported the problem.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Will do, thanks in advance.

You have set the same manual production name for the dotaccentcomb.narrow an So the second glyph will overwrite the first. Just use the default production name and the export will work.

Oh, that might have happened when I duplicated them. I will make the changes and test it.

It worked like a charm. Georg, thank for your time !

Tip for all readers. If you are using custom production names, don’t forget to check them again when you made duplicates (ss01 for example, or .narrow) ! :slight_smile: