Error message opening variable font

I have variable font, made in FontLab, works in InDesign, but get the following message when I open in Glyphs 3:

The document “CartographeJul7_21-VF.ttf” could not be opened. Error while reading the document: Cartographe/CartographeJul7_21-VF.ttf
(*** -[__NSArrayM objectAtIndexedSubscript:]: index 29 beyond bounds [0 … 27])

Any pointers?

Can you send me the file?

Thanks, sent to support. I’m sure you can fix it, but it would also be good to know how I/we can avoid this in future.

I didn’t get the file, yet. Can you check the email address? Or send a dropbox link as a private message in the forum.

What version of Glyphs do you have? Your file opens fine for me.

Weird… 3.03 (3091). I’ve tried it a few times, always the same thing.

Strange. But maybe it would be better to write a .glyphs file from FL?

I had run the font through fontbakery and such, but I’ll try a different workflow.