Error on updating

I’ve just bought Glyphs and now I’m trying to get familiar …
I have a german interface – I’m trying to translate my error messages to english.

In preferences under “updates” (Aktualisierungen) when pushing “check now” I got an error message:
— begin —
Error on updating!
Glyphs cannot be updated if it is started from a volume without write permission (e.g. Disk Image or CD/DVD). Copy Glyphs to the application folder and update from there.
— end —

But Glyphs app is in my application folder (on a SSD).

What can I do?

  1. Make sure you are actually running the app from the Applications folder (and not a copy that accidentally still lies around somewhere else): Cmd-click on the icon in your Dock to reveal the app in Finder.
  2. If it is in the Applications folder, try restarting your Mac, then try again.
  3. If that does not help, check permissions, and possibly delete the .plist files as described in the ByHost Permissions chapter in this tutorial:

(PS: Du kannst auch Deutsch schreiben im Forum.)

The updater does that sometimes. I didn’t figure out why. Please re-download the app from the website.

O.k., I did check that I’m running Glyphs from the Applications folder and restarted. Did not help.
Then I redownloaded the app. Installed and started. Now I got the message about a new version (2.5b)!
BTW in Preferences > Addons > Modules I pushed the button “Install Modules”. I had to give my permission and then something seemed to be working … But how can I check if the modules are actually installed? (There was no message at all about failure or success)

Because the handbook and a lot of help is in English I would like to change the interface language to English too (it is now in German). How can I do this?

The localization can be deactivated in preferences > User.

ah, thanks!