Error report when exporting GX-Font "*** -[NSMutableOrderedSet addObject:]: object cannot be nil"

When exporting GX I get the message: “[NSMutableOrderedSet addObject:]: object cannot be nil”
The same file, worked perfectly fine to export yesterday.

When opening the file a get a warning that the file was saved with a previous version. I did not upgrade glyphs though.

Thanks for helping,
Best, Elias

Could you if the error happens with version 1093, could you send it to me?

Is there a way to downgrade the version again?
I continue to get different error messages on exporting the file.

Could you send me the file? I’m about to upload a new version and would like to know if it is fixed or not.

Thank you, sent you the files
Best, Elias

Thanks for the files. Fixed two problems and the update is up already.

Thanks, works perfectly again!

Hi there, I am having the same issue. Not sure what to do. I am updated to the newest version of Glyphs.

Could you please send me a .glyphs file that shows this problem? Thanks