Error 'the font contains glyphs with the same unicode'



When I try to add the glyph (Aacute) it says ‘the font contains glyphs with the same unicode A’.
Unicode for A is 0041
Unicode for Aacute is 00C1

I search for Aacute (00C1) and can’t find. I don’t understand the problem and can’t solve it too… Any help will be great…


What version of Glyphs do you have? Do you have a custom GlyphData file? Can you send me the .glyphs file?


I’m using Glyphs Mini (2.0.1 (85))

Will I send the file with e-mail?


Send it to support at this domain or per direct message in the forum.


Am i idiot… I can’t find neither support link nor direct message… :slight_smile:


I meant an email to ‘support at GlyphsApp . com’.


I had a look at the file. It is a bit messed up. I send you a cleaned version.