Error when exporting to OTF

Below is a screenshot of an error I receive when attempting to export to OTF. After doing a few searches it seems to have something to do with ligatures (as the error box suggests) but I couldn’t encounter any solutions. Any help is appreciated.

I removed many glyphs, including all ligatures (I only needed a few glyphs for an experiment) and began receiving a new error. I assume this originates from the fact that I am modifying an OTF font and trying to export it. Is there an easy way to take the modifications I’ve made and place them in a blank slate (a new Glyphs project)? I suppose I could copy and paste each one.

I’m sure I’m going about things the wrong way, so apologies if these error messages and my posts are very amateur.

If you remove glyphs from the font, you also need to remove the OpenType features that references them. Open the font info > Features and click the compile button. It will tell you what feature has a problem. Either edit the feature or delete it. Repeate until there is no error message any more.