Error with licence

I’m using the Glyphs Mini trial and when I try to save the font project I get the error:

“The document “new Font-Regular” could not be saved as “new Font-Regular”. Error with licence”

Is this a limitation with the trial version?

This seems to be a bug. I’ll have a look.

I downloaded the Glyphs Mini trial on 20th April and got the same problem as charlievaughn.
Just to let you know there are others having the same issue :smile:

There may be other causes of this problem, but if you use BetterZip, which has been a stalwart in the past, it has a problem with Yosemite…the author is aware of it. Under Yosemite it seems to extract files properly…you even get the proper icon for extracted files (usually getting a generic icon or one that shows apps as unlaunchable is a good indication of a faulty extraction)…Glyphs is one of the apps that BetterZip seems to extract properly, but the extracted file is actually corrupt.

Using a different extraction tool often solves the problem.

I experienced this exact problem. Using Keka instead, I was able to extract, install and license Glyphs without a problem.

So is this only an issue with the demo version or the paid version as well?

I don’t mind buying a licence, but if I can’t save my projects is a bit of a blocker.

I’ve downloaded the latest version 1.5.7 as your changelog said this issue was fixed.

It is now working for me.