ERRORS / empty folders

Hi there,

I’ve purchased Glyphs Mini a few days ago and created a test font, but I can not export it. I’ve tried to export only a few characters and with some of them it works. But of course I need to export the whole font. Maybe the font is a bit too complex for glyphs mini or I made a mistake while creating it. I’m pretty new to this.

Sometimes I get the error: unknown file type
Another time I get: list overflow (or something like that)

autohin is turned off
I’ve tried to turn off the other options, but nothing helps.

I wanted to delete the temp folder, but when I go to “Application Support / Glypes” the folder is complete empty.

Can I send you the font? Maybe this causes the problem.

Thank you very much.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?
And the folder is in ~/Application Support/Containers

Done. I’ve sent it via eMail.

There are way to many node in the glyph.