Errors in exported glyphs with stroke, segment and corner components

Hello everyone,

I am making a monoline font in Glyphs 3.0.2 (3058), and I am using strokes on all glyphs, as well as some segment and corner components. The issue is that the paths get messed up after exporting an OTF, and it looks as if the stroke gets applied and then the components move around before they get decomposed themselves. Please find attached below the screenshot of a glyph before and after exporting. Is this the intended behaviour and I am missing something or is this a bug?

Thank you in advance.

Can you send me that file?

Please find the .glyphs file that replicates the issue at the link below.

I fixed it. Thanks

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That’s great! Thank you. How do I apply these fixes? Do I just wait for the next cutting edge release?

Will ne in the next update.