Everything disappeared


I’m using Glyphs for a type design class and it’s been fine so far.

However… while I was editing a letter every other letter I’d been working on suddenly disappeared. When I clicked over to the glyphs menu to reopen the letter again I had nothing to open. Its just a blank screen and it says I have 0/0 glyphs at the bottom.

I have no clue what I did. I’ve tried closing and reopening the file to no avail. Can someone explain what might’ve happened so that either I can fix this or not repeat what I did so all my work doesn’t just disappear at random. My entire class work for the semester is designing a typeface and I can’t risk all my work being gone without knowing what happened or how to fix it.

This has been described once before but never been reproducible. Never happened to me.

Which version of the app are you using (build number)?
Are you saving as .glyphs or .glyphspackage?
Are you saving on a Dropbox or Google drive?
Can you reproduce it in a new file?
Can you send us the file?

This seems to happen very early in the design process with new file that were never opened from a file. Sorry about that. I’ll check it I can fix this.

thanks for the speedy reply,
-I am using Version: 3.1 (3133)
-The file is saved as .glyphs
-I’m not saving on a Dropbox or Google drive, just on the Mac we use for school and a removable storage device
-I’m unable to reproduce it
Also I am unable to attach anything because I am a “New user”

Please use the current version of the app.