Exact nodes setting essential?


Basic question - is it neccessary to set every note on a exact y and x position? I work on a straight geometric font and often at angle lines nodes results in non exact coordinates like 135,55 px…

I know, I can round them with grid aligning, but when this points are part of a basic element (oblique bar), a usage of grid will destroy my basic system with a few fixed angles, which I want to abide by.

More simplier - should I look more on exact coordinates all over my glyps or should I give a basic system priority.

Hope you understand,
Best, Alex

Can you post a screenshot?

Normally there is no visual effect to the small differences that occur when rounding. So unless you have very small structures, you are fine when rounding your coordinates.

Hi, I guess in the end its not important, that the angles are that perfectly accurate. So in the process of fine tuning I will set all the points to exact x and y coordinates. A basic system is good, but in the process of fine tuning every glyph is different. I will trust on my optical feeling and and not on a perfect geometric dogma.

Best, Alex

On the other hand if you are working with very small structures and have disabled the grid, would this affect the final result in any way?

If you set the grid to something below 1, the final OTF will get that finer resolution. But TTF only handles integer numbers.

Thank you, Georg. I didn’t know about that.