Execute Script when exporting OTF

Hy there,
I try to understand how to execute a Script when exporting OTF.
My idea would be to run the script “Realign BCPs” from Rainer.

Sorry maybe this is to simple but I tried in the Custom Parameter of my Instances:
({Filter = “RealignBCPs;”;}})

It doesn’t had any effect.
Is there a way to access Scripts for exporting?

thanks a lot,

The proper way to do this is a filter plug-in, which you call as a filter parameter: https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/plugins

But I wouldn’t recommend the algorithm of that particular script. RMX Harmonizer has a Dekink function. Much better. And it already works as a custom parameter.

Ah I see, now I get the workflow. :grinning:

Yes, we work with RMX quite a lot but somehow particular points will do not fit 100% in to the raster.
Anyway I will checkout the the plug-in filter method.

Thank you