Expand Group Kerning

Is there a way to flatten group kerning?

No. What do you need it for?

I’m using Typeshow on my webpage and it wouldn’t show kerning if the fonts contain class kerning.

Is there maybe a way to do it via a script?

You will get overflow errors. Whats wrong with Typeshow with not supporting Class kerning ???

Don’t know why, but Typeshow just does not support class kerning. No problem with overflow errors in previous fonts (including flat kerning made with Fontlab).

TypeShow uses the freetype/GD version installed on your server and your server seems to have an old (damaged) version of freetype/GD. I would ask the TypeShow people about that.

I think someone wrote a script to flatten kerning. I hope I can find it.

Tim Ahrens has such a script:

God bless you! Thanks a lot.