Expand Path with Brush

It would be nice like how it is in FontLab to be able to offset a stroke with a circular brush and set x, y, roundness and angle of the circle.


Do you want the path expanded with a brush or with an ellipse? The former is difficult, the latter you can already do. For the angle you would quickly rotate all glyphs, then expand, then rotate back.

I’m not sure if I understand but I’d like to be able to do this


I came across a problem while trying to rotate my strokes though:

when I rotate one of my characters (a double story ‘a’) at 30° from bottom left of bounding box, the character completely disappears and is displaying the location as


This didn’t happen with ‘n’. I instead tried to rotate the ‘a’ with the Rotate Around Anchor script and set anchor to origin; this worked.

I think I understand you to be saying that what I want to achieve can not be done in Glyphs? As I tried rotating and setting different values for the horizontal and vertical offset and the result is not what applying an ellipse brush would create.

What is your transformation origin? Maybe set it to 1/2 x-height.