(Expanded) path question

Hi, I’ve noticed that, whenever I expand my own fonts in Illustrator, the paths of my letters suddenly have 1 or 2 more anchor points on some of the curves, than how I actually created it in Glyphs. I’ve tested it with other fonts as well, and it doesn’t happen (or not that often).
I’m just worrying, is there something wrong with the construction of my glyphs?

Here’s an example of another font, compared to my font (the bottom one), both variable fonts, expanded in Illustrator. For instance, my ‘c’ is designed with 10 anchor points, but it has 12 (!) more after expanding it… :thinking:

Another thing I noticed, these ‘extra anchor points’ can give weird glitches, like when using a gradient. Here’s an expanded letter (left) next to a normal compound path made with the Ellipse Tool, both given a gradient:

Is it something particular that causes this? Auto-hinting, bad design, exporting issues, is it just a calculation-issue by Illustrator,… ? :neutral_face:
I’d like to know more about this, so if anyone has ideas/suggestions, please let me know!

Thanks in advance, Kristof.

In addition (maybe this is causing the issue): most of my own fonts are not ‘fully installed’ on my computer, but my otf & ttf exports from Glyphs are imported directly into my Adobe Fonts folder.

Did you export the font as TrueType?

Yes indeed, as a variable ttf.

The extra points are from the PS>TT conversion. The misaligned points are from a bug in Illustrator.

And those extra nodes are expected in a TrueType font. Pick any system font (they’re TTFs) and take an outline, and you’ll see the same phenomena.

Ok, thanks for clearing that out guys.
So, I assume the variable font I compared mine with is an OTF Variable font?
Will this be a future option with Glyphs as well?