“Expected adjustment for the second glyph”

Glyphs 3 does not seem to understand this line of feature code and gives “Expected adjustment for the second glyph” error:

pos [alef-ar.fina] <-193 0 -193 0> [hah-ar];

But it accepts the equivalent confusingly-swapped-for-AFM-familiarity syntax:

pos [alef-ar.fina] [hah-ar] <-193 0 -193 0>;

Glyphs 2 and feaLib accept both.

Adding <NULL> after the second glyph make Glyph 3 happy, but neither makeotf nor feaLib seem to require this (though the spec makes it look like it is required but it does not explicitly state so).

I’ve just added support for that first form of the rule. Should work in the next build. Thanks for the report!