Experience scrolling left/right, glyphs not appearing until scrolling down

Dear Glyphs, hello.

I wanted to ask about two experiences I am experiencing when it comes to scrolling on a top level view. Please see the attached video.

  1. Left/Right: in order to see characters to the right, I must use the keyboard to scroll right. I cannot use the mouse to scroll right. Or at least, not all the glyphs are sorting and rendering in the current level of zoomness.

  2. Upon looking towards the lower half of the window, many glyphs don’t appear in the given spaces. Yet when I scroll down a little bit, then they render.

I am experiencing this with only some font files, therefore, perhaps the design of a font file impacts the ability to preview and see everything?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Also hallo Georg.

That happens some times. I fixed a few causes already. What happens if you close and reopen the file?

Hallo Georg. Thanks for the tip. Looks like opening/closing/opening it again, I was unable to replicate the issue. I also played again with the slider for zoom, so perhaps that had an impact. If I am able to replicate it again I will post here.