Export as vector including nodes

Wondering if there’s a way to export what we see in the main panel as a vector?

I’m working on a custom typeface for a client and looking for a way to present the development in a way that fits the same visual style I’m producing for the rest of the client’s brand.

The dream would be a plugin in which we can switch to a ‘design’ mode and customise background colours, node colours, etc. and then be able to export as svgs or pdfs

Copy paste to a vector app of your liking, or export to PDF via the print dialog. The colors in Glyphs are limited to what you can change in the preferences.

Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated

Have just played around with a few things after looking more into the user settings and this will definitely speed up my process – apologies for not researching properly before posting.

Is there a way to use the custom colours when exporting?

I can either export as PDF, open in illustrator and recolour paths, or take a screenshot from glyphs with the custom colours.

I wrote an drawbot script that draws the handles from a glyphs outline. That way you have full control over the size and colors.

@GeorgSeifert that’s very interesting – is it something you wouldn’t mind sharing?