Export Color Font as standard

Is there a way to export a standard version of a colour font?
I have a glyphs file with different colour options, but want to also produce a standard b&w variant. Even with no export options in the Instance tab it’s still producing COLR and CPAL tables. Is there any option for this or just to duplicate and delete all colour layers?

You have to add a ‘Export Colr … ‘ parameter and uncheck it.

Yeah I thought of that, but unfortunately it gives the same result

I just tried it and it works fine. Did you add it in the Instance?
Can you send me the file?

Ah, I just realised what I was doing wrong! If you have any of the colour palette attributes still active then they actively put the table in regardless of the ticked boxes for those tables.

Sorry, should have tried that first!

The color palettes can stay in there. The Idea is that you can control it all from the instances. One instance with color, the other without.