Export error message on export

The font contains glyphs with duplicate production names: Euro, eurosuperior (Euro)
The last font said the problem was euroinferior. I have no idea what this is about or how to fix it. Font was produced in FontLab 5 in 2008

The fourth font in the family reported Euroinferior again

Can you select ‘eurosuperior’ in font view and press Command+Option+i. Can you post a screenshot of that dialog?

In the bold version this info had Euro listed under Production Name. I deleted that and it made a font. I am a raw newbie on Glyphs. I’ve been avoiding it, because of all the issues like this one. It’s a radical new world.

I tried to change it to eurosuperior, but I can’t seem to be able to do that.

It finally let me remove Eurosuperior after it told me eurosuperior already existed it (though I can’t find that glyph). Anyway, I deleted Eurosuperior, saved and exported. It worked now.