Export errors on hand drawn font with high detail

Hello, I was just hoping someone could help me. I am using Glyphs Mini which I absolutely love. It’s so much sexier than FontLab Studio that it’s like going ten years into the future.

We are working on our third tyepface, a hand drawn typeface called Gorilla with very detailed glyphs made from high resolution scans vectorised in Flash (up to 5000 nodes per character (all of which are more-or-less essential for use in high resolution print artwork and signage). The exported .otf font is 1.5MB.

So, I can export the font successfully if I untick the first of the three optional checkboxes…

    1. (unticked) Use Production glyph names
    1. (ticked) Remove Overlap
    1. (ticked) Autohint all gyphs

But, if I tick Use Production glyph names I get this error…
Typecomp Error: List Overflow
Typecomp Error: List Overflow
Typecomp Error: List Overflow
Typecomp Error: List Overflow

Or this error if I tick Use Production glyph names and Remove Overlap)
MakeOTF error
Typecomp Error: List Overflow

I tried reading this post: ‘Troubleshooting a font that does not export:’ https://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/troubleshooting-a-font-that-does-not-export/

…but the code that I found doesn’t provide any clues.
Here is the code from the generateFont.command file…

Last login: Tue Jul 21 10:08:30 on ttys000
Barnabys-MBP-2:~ barny$ /Users/barny/Library/Application\ Support/Glyphs\ Mini/Temp/Gorilla-Regular/generateFont.command ; exit;
makeotfGlyphs [NOTE] — Source font: font.pfa
makeotfGlyphs [NOTE] Adding glyph .notdef, SID 0.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


For fonts like this it is recommended to disable all three checkboxes, as you did. In Glyphs Mini and Glyphs 1 (that was changed in Glyphs 2) the ‘Use Production glyph names’ also triggers the subroutinisation that is causing the error. And autohinting is not useful for glyphs like you have.

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That’s fantastic. Thanks so much for your fast response!