Export fail - google font

While modifying a google font I’m having a problem while exporting
My question is, can I delete the mark/mark positioning stuff? When I do I can export successfully and I can’t see any problems with the exported font
Any advice appreciated

Yes. you can remove the mark/mkmk featues.

But you should try to find the sources ot that font. There might even be a .glyphs file.

Thanks Georg!

Hi Georg – are there any significant problems using the .otf instead of the source file?

In general, font files like .ttf and .otf are only intended for using the font, not for editing it. Use the source file (.glyphs, .glyphspackage, .ufo, …) instead since a source file contains more details about the font info, outlines, features, etc.

Decompiling a font is kind of like opening a .pdf in Illustrator (one made outside of Illustrator). You will get the basic idea of the layout but several things will be tricky to edit.

I’ve found a .ufo file on Github for this font, including the features.fea file - how can I import this into the font file I’m working on?

Edit: I’ve just seen the import option!