Export fonts: Have you taken out the Mac cmap?

In recent versions, I’ve noticed that fonts are now exporting without a Mac cmap. I’m curious why its been removed?

Everyone I spoke to said it is not needed. All (almost) all the of the “Mac” entries (in cmap and name) are meant for MacOS (without the X). macOS X is happy with the windows or unicode entries.

Do you know a place were the mac cmap is needed?

There’s one example in the opentype spec :sunglasses:

  1. PostScript CID findfont name: KozMinStd-Regular-83pv-RKSJ-H, in a name record of Platform 1 [Macintosh], Platform-specific script 1 [Japanese], Language: 0xFFFF [English]. This name string is a PostScript name that should be used with the “findfont” invocation for locating the font in the context of a PostScript interpreter, and is associated with the encoding specified by the following ‘cmap’ subtable, which must be present in the font: Platform: 1 [Macintosh]; Platform-specific encoding: 1 [Japanese]; Language: 0 [not language-specific].

But that might be a very specific case…

So that means that MacOsX is only using the Windows entries and all the Macintosh platform entries are for legacy Os’s and applications?

Name is 1/2 and 4/6 (if I remember correctly) might be needed as mac names, too. All the others are not.

I did a test and MacOSX apps like TextEdit uses 16/17 Win, as well as Adobe InDesign.