Export fonts to ftp server?


I want to export fonts from Glyphs directly to an ftp server. Anyone knows how to do this? I’ve tried with mac osx Connect to server but unfortunately that only gives read only access to an ftp server.


Have you tried https://osxfuse.github.io?

Or, set up an active folder that copies all new files to the server.

You could use the DOCUMENTEXPORTED callback to trigger a script when a font is exported. The script could then make an FTP connection and upload the exported font.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I’ve now used https://mountainduck.io/ to mount my ftp server as an disk image so I can set the path to the remote folder in the Glyphs export options.

It used to be possible to have an ftp server directly open in Finder, without third-party tools. Maybe still with Cmd-K? Not on my Mac now.

On my Mac it still is, but that’s only possible in read only mode. So can’t export fonts directly to a remote server with that…